Ep. 38 – The Point

Starring @EliseWalton_00 @BWalker1018 @LichenCraig @Denae_marie @CrankyPappy @hilljohng @roddymansfield @Liquid_atheist @Trilladelphian @TinyCheynie @xv0gueluke @ryansongalia @321tardis @darbzilla @MelnZeh

@EliseWalton_00 Really questioning the point of twitter.

@BWalker1018 What’s the point of twitter?¿

@LichenCraig The whole point of Twitter is socialization and networking. If you use apps and bots, you aren’t talking to people and networking. THINK.

@Denae_marie I thought the whole point of twitter was so you have something to do at 1 am..

@CrankyPappy People who see Twitter as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point. The whole point of Twitter is it’s pointless.

@hilljohng Interesting but that’s why I use Twitter for real news, Facebook for entertainment.

@roddymansfield Nothing on Twitter this morning except exaggeration, self-promotion, fake newspaper headlines and scare ‘stories’ without context.

@Liquid_atheist It’s also twitter. You have to engage in hyperbole if you want to illustrate a point on here

@Trilladelphian yup. The point of twitter is to create a consensus opinion on a person, place, or thing & trash who ever disagrees with it

@TinyCheynie sorry about the overshare, but whats the point of twitter if you can’t be real in this safe space where no one’s listening (thankfully) haha

@xv0gueluke What’s the point of twitter if you’re not in a fandom like it must be so boring for you

@ryansongalia The purpose of Twitter is to join in on your favorite celebrity responding to criticism in hopes of a retweet #TheAmericanDream

@321tardis I use Twitter for the same reason everyone else does. To make up for the lack of validation I should have gotten from my parents.

@darbzilla the main purpose of twitter is to talk to yourself

@MelnZeh I still dont grasp the point of twitter

Ep. 37 – Coping on Twitter

Starring @RonSexsmith @Interdome @lx69 @mensahdemary @BeaBonobo @mallontj @JoeMOwens @tomwaitsripoff

I dreamt I lived on a fragile blue planet filled with war, hatred and disease; where the voice of reason is silenced and Sharknado existed.

Real life is real weird; sometimes a joke is the only way to keep from crying.

Humans slaughtering one another over a piece of “sacred” dirt for thousands of years. I suppose…Darwinism.

Think I’m ready to give up.

We Buddhists know that people who care suffer more. I guess that is why rationalized care came fore.

and the way night has a tide, and how upon it we ride

Quantum entanglement sounds dope.

We hope that you cope.