Ep. 37 – Coping on Twitter

Starring @RonSexsmith @Interdome @lx69 @mensahdemary @BeaBonobo @mallontj @JoeMOwens @tomwaitsripoff

I dreamt I lived on a fragile blue planet filled with war, hatred and disease; where the voice of reason is silenced and Sharknado existed.

Real life is real weird; sometimes a joke is the only way to keep from crying.

Humans slaughtering one another over a piece of “sacred” dirt for thousands of years. I suppose…Darwinism.

Think I’m ready to give up.

We Buddhists know that people who care suffer more. I guess that is why rationalized care came fore.

and the way night has a tide, and how upon it we ride

Quantum entanglement sounds dope.

We hope that you cope.

Ep. 36 – Packing, Moving, Unpacking

Starring @edorney @wrighterly @erin__obrien @The_Big_Quiet @occasionallyzen @mallontj  @ama_campbell @Choisse_8_nous

Horror story about things I’ve found underneath
my couch cushions while moving.
One does not know the meaning of true pain until one is forced to remove hundreds of individual
magnetic poetry words from a fridge.
Enough boxes packed now that I can do incline planks when I get bored with packing.
Welp. Made it. We’re here.
In my old mind a child’s summer is for this: forgetting the you of before in favor of remembering
a better you in the fall.
love to think fall still holds new beginnings for all of us
and how time is differently interpreted when young, when late, when idle, when worried, when you walk through the house in darkness
Can’t find the silverware. But finally found
extra underwear, so it’s not all a mess.
double negatives? i lost them when i moved house.

Ep. 35 Redux – Chinese Food Enlightenment

After some good feedback from @BeaBonobo @troy_palmer @coffeytimes and @lx69, I’ve tried re-recording the Chinese Food Enlightenment piece again. There are bits I like and dislike in each recording below…I should probably learn some audio editing software.

(Chinese Food Enlightenment is a chapter in Short Lean Cuts by Alex Pruteanu and I decided to record it after he tweeted about it being on sale at Powell’s…)

Redux #4

Redux #3

Redux #2

Redux #1

Original recording

Voiceover Lessons

Some really great feedback is arriving via Twitter and email on ways I can improve my reading aloud. While I await a few final comments, I thought I’d share this excellent “how-to” video from which I will take some very important pointers.